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     Business Purpose

As Manufacturers' Representatives, Dreyfuss Associates Maintains a daily direction towards establishing a network of stocking distributors and dealers. This direction insures that these distributors and dealers maintain representative inventories to insure a continuum of merchandise and material sales through the regular channels of distribution.The Manufacturers which are represented by Dreyfuss Associates remit on a monthly basis commissions earned from the sales of their goods and materials. Dreyfuss Associates divides the earned commissions among the company associates for those sales earned within the individual associate trading areas.

     Business Prospects

The range of companies represented by Dreyfuss Associates are directed towards offering a package of lines to be sold primarily through electrical/electronic and hardware distributors.

Other outlets of sales and distribution are available through markets such as hardware/homecenter retailers and chains, marine/industrial distributors. Original equipment manufacturers and local power and communication utilities offer additional highly profitable sales opportunities. Unlimited chances for success are boundless.

     Sales and Territory Training

Personal as well as financial commitments are essential to the success of the relationship between Dreyfuss Associates and its associates. Without this vested commitment of time and money,  neither party will be obliged to maintain a mutual effort and relationship to insure a regular and steady return on its investment.

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